Web exclusive! Preserve your vinyl records by converting songs to digital audio format, or just listen to your music in record format on your Archiver.

Original: $249.99
Sale: $179.99

Using your computer, turn your beloved records into digital audio tracks, then transfer those tracks to compact discs you can tote along in the car, to work or anywhere there's a CD player. Simply hook up the Archiver to your computer's USB port and, using the included software, rip and edit songs. Device even removes crackles and pops. A three-speed, belt-driven turntable allows you to play 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records. For more great music, choose your pick of channels from the analog AM/FM radio, insert a cassette into the side-mounted deck or pop a CD into the player. Dynamic, full-range stereo speakers ensure a great sound. And with its old-fashioned design, this system will add character to any décor.