Web exclusive! Surf’s up and it’s time for all your little beach bums to strut their stuff with this charming 3-piece diaper cover set.

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Baby Aspen's cute “Beach Bums” 3-piece diaper cover set is making waves wherever they are on display. This is adorable deep-sea diaper-cover gift set includes three seersucker diaper covers – a pastel orange-and-white-striped diaper cover with a smiling blue octopus and 3D legs on the bum; a pastel blue-and-white-striped cover that sports a friendly, orange crab with 3-D pincers; and a pastel green-and-white-striped cover featuring a big blue whale with a white, 3-D water spout floats on the bum. The secure elastic waistband keeps them firmly up and in place. The gift presentation includes ocean-themed, blue box with the octopus, crab and whale peering out of portholes, and a white-rope bow.