Web exclusive! Dress up your darling new daughter in this butterfly-inspired headband and booties gift set and then get ready for all the “oohs” and “aahs” from her adoring public.

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Just like babies, butterflies have an enchantment all their own. So why not double the delight with this adorable gift set from Baby Aspen? This wonderful accessorizing gift set features bright-pink  headband with white open circles and a butterfly with green wings, an orange body, and two curly pink antennae. This delightful set also includes matching pink booties with an orange-winged butterfly, along with a green body and two pink antennae, on the right bootie. Made of 100% cotton interlock. Gift presentation includes headband and booties on color-coordinated display box. Coordinates with "Butterfly Bloomers for Fluttering Bums" 3-Piece Set of Bloomers.