Web exclusive! Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, plush “Pearl the Squirrel” is the star of this woodland wonderland gift set.

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“Pear the Squirrel” from Baby Aspen is storing some sweet surprised for your new baby girl. This magical gift set includes a warm white fleece blanket with soft-gray wood-grain look and white corduroy trim, and “Pearl the Squirrel” a plush bushy-tailed squirrel with pink-and-white-striped chest, pink nose and embroidered eyes. This marvellous set also features a Velcro-secured, pink-and-white-striped wrist band "perch" for the plush, green-winged, yellow-beaked pink bird rattle. The adorable forest-themed presentation includes a round, light-green, "tree trunk" gift box with burgundy mushroom graphic and open "knot hole" where “Pearl the Squirrel” peers out while the blanket and wrist band are secured with a sage-green tie.