WoodWick® RibbonWick® Damask Woods Candle by Virginia Candle Company™
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From the Virginia Candle Company, RibbonWick candles offer you the best possible fragrance experience. Combining a masterful blend of essential oils and fine fragrance notes, these candles redefine ambiance. Each candle features a new, patent-pending flowing wick design unlike anything you've ever seen. As the wick burns, you'll notice a hypnotic flame dance across the highly scented wax — a look unmatched by any other candle. Fill your home with the scent of:

  • Damask Woods, a scent filled with the cool mountain air, sweet grass and oak moss
  • Premium wax blended with fragrant essential oils
  • Designed with an intricate, silver-finish damask pattern
  • 3"H x 11.5"W x 6"D
  • Made in the USA
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