Koolatron™ Compact Thermoelectric 23 Can Cooler
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Just plug your cooler into the 12-volt cigarette lighter receptacle in your vehicle. High performance with low power draw. Cools to approximately 40°F/22°C below outside temperature. Heats to approximately 135°F/57°C inside. Latchless lid allows for one handed opening.

  • For best results, precool your unit and the food and beverages before placing them in your cooler. If the cooler is loaded with warm material, it will require at least 12 hours to cool the contents
  • The cooler can be operated in the heating mode, by reversing the polarity of the power supplied to the cooler. This can easily be done by gently pulling out the power cord from the cooler, reversing the bi-pin plug and pushing it back in
  • To clean wipe the inside with a warm damp cloth or sponge. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners. A mild soap should be sufficient, but if stains or odors remain, household bleach or baking soda may be added to the cleaning solution. Keep the lid open for several hours after cleaning to allow the interior to dry thoroughly and to prevent odors from forming in the cooler
  • 16½" H x 17¾" L x 9" D
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