iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer™ 2-pk. Set
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These bag sealers from iTouchless are an inexpensive, uncomplicated way of storing portions of food for later. In seconds you can seal up a bag of chips, frozen veggies, candies, and even craft supplies like little beads. To use the bag resealer, just slide the device along the edge of any plastic bag — and you're done! The bag's contents will be sealed airtight and watertight, and food's freshness, flavor and texture will be locked in until you open the bag once again.

  • By using a bag resealer, you can save on store-bought plastic bags, plastic clips and twist ties
  • Uses your food's original packaging to seal and close the bag in a few seconds
  • Also ideal for packing and sealing cosmetics or liquids when traveling
  • Magnetic base for easy storage on the refrigerator
  • Set includes one red sealer and one blue sealer
  • Battery: 2 AA (not included)
  • Model number: BR001U
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