iTouchless Intelligent Robotic Automatic Vacuum Cleaner PRO
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Slow cookers can cook meals while you're not at home, and this robotic vacuum cleaner can clean all your floors without your help! From tile flooring, hardwoods, rugs to carpets, this automatic vacuum can do it all — and even reach under furniture where ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot. Just imagine, as you run around the house dusting, washing piles of laundry or chasing your kids, your floors will be getting free of dirt, dust and pet hair.

  • Fully automatic vacuum cleans wood and tile floors, linoleum, low-pile carpets and rugs
  • Note: Not for use on carpets with piles over 1"
  • Three cleaning modes: spot, small room, standard room
  • Smart Sensor at vacuum's bottom makes sure the cleaner won't fall down stairs or off higher surfaces
  • Side rotating brush ensures cleaning at wall edges and corners
  • Filtration system traps pollen, dust and other allergens for a healthier environment
  • Bagless dustbin is easy to remove and clean
  • Automatically stops running if an obstacle is met or it gets picked up
  • After cleaning in a dark area and the robo vacuum moves to a brighter area, the device will also stop operating
  • Omits a warning sound and stops operating when low on power
  • LED indicator light shows when battery is fully charged
  • Battery: Rechargeable, with about a 60-minute runtime; four-hour charge time
  • Included accessories: Remote control for manual operation, AC power adapter, extra filter, dust brush, side rotating dust brush replacement, manual
  • 3.4"H x 13.5"W
  • Model number: AV002A
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