Research shows that using this air purifier in continuous operation effectively removes most airborne pollution particles including: dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, pet dander and more.

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LightAir IonFlow 50 is extremely effective eliminating the smallest particles (nano particles below 0.1 μm) which cause the most severe health problems. These particles represent approx. 90% of all particles in the air. The air purifier also removes larger particles (1.0-25.0 μm) at a reasonable rate. LightAir IonFlow 50 does not lose effect over time like filter based air purifiers do. For optimal function in a normal indoor environment, the recommended area capacity for the air purifier is up to 540 square feet. LightAir IonFlow 50 now helps a growing number of people suffering from asthma, allergies and other health problems such as fatigue, headache and concentration difficulties – problems which often stem from unhealthy indoor air quality. Just plug in and let LightAir IonFlow 50 work for you around the clock every day & night. For best effect it should in fact stay turned on, working continuously all the time. Easily and quickly clean the collector in hot water and dish liquid once every two weeks or when needed. No need to ever change an expensive filter or spend time on cleaning complicated filter blade systems to keep your air purifier effective. LightAir IonFlow 50 fits into any environment, is easy to use in homes, offices and public areas, hospital, medical or industrial buildings. Includes a 1 Year Warranty