This commercial-grade BUNN pod brewer, from the leaders in commercial brewing equipment, is the perfect appliance for the coffee or tea aficionado interested in the ease, speed and flexibility of "cup at a time" brewing. 

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Using BUNN's patented combination of "time, temperature & turbulence," this unit brews a perfect cup of coffee in about 30 seconds, start to finish, and steeps a cup of tea in just about 50 seconds.  Uses the widest range of commercially available tea or coffee pods -- or even your favorite tea bags. The direct connection to a water line allows hassle-free brewing of numerous 4 to 12-ounce cups.  Great coffee or tea, brewed your way, one cup at a time. It's what you expect from BUNN.  Works with a wide variety of tea and coffee pods or tea bags. 2-year warranty.