H2O Plus Nourishing Milk Bath Gift Set

H2O Plus Nourishing Milk Bath Gift Set

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Gently cleanse, nourish and soften your skin while imparting a clean, subtle scent. Limit 1 order per day.

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  • Concentrated milk proteins and lipids help strengthen and fortify depleted cells, helping them to resist damage caused by environmental stress
  • Rich shea butter helps heal and protect skin, leaving it touchably soft and resilient
  • Provitamin B soothes irritation and helps maintain a healthy moisture balance
  • Imparts a clean, subtle scent
  • Presented in a custom designed gift box
Gift set includes:
  • 8.0-oz. Milk Shower Gel
  • 8.8-oz. Milk Body Scrub
  • 3.4-oz. Milk Hand & Nail Cream
  • 8.0-oz. Milk Body Lotion