StriVectin® Tightening Face Serum
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StriVectin® Tightening Face Serum

Price: $99.00

A revolutionary anti-aging face serum that helps skin recover smoother definition, cushion and lifted contours. 1.7-oz. Limit 1 order per day.

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For the 76% of 50+ women who are experiencing loss of firmness, elasticity, and want a skin care product to visibly correct sagging, laxity and thin crepe skin.

How it's different:

Breakthrough three-tier technology to TIGHTEN, FORTIFY and STRENGTHEN skin from within.
  • Tighten. Face feels tighter immediately.
  • Fortifies. Skin's supportive matrix fortifies, your face looks firmer.
  • Strengthens. NIA-114™ molecule strengthens skin's hold on natural collagen. Your face and jawline are visibly lifted.