Koolatron™ Deluxe Chocolatiere

Koolatron™ Deluxe Chocolatiere

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Koolatron Deluxe Chocolatiere lets you melt two types of chocolate to use as fondue for deserts, cakes or to make chocolate candies with the molds & wrappings included.

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The chocolate hardens in seconds as soon as the pot is taken off the stove, and much of the chocolate goes to waste. The Chocolatiere is different, because it's an electric chocolate melting pot, so the chocolate stays melted and soft. Now no need to boil water as Deluxe Chocolatiere is a Dual electric Chocolate melting pot. This new Deluxe Chocolatiere has a two-pot facility and that is to give you more chocolate, also you have the option to make white and dark Chocolate at the same time. With Deluxe Chocolatiere, create chocolate covered strawberries, peanuts, raisins, coffee beans, or even cover your ice cream in chocolate for a homemade ice cream bar. Chocolatiere will help you to make truffles, or simply melt chocolate into a variety of shapes and sizes, including hearts, Christmas trees, stars, and more. A great gift kit you can wrap your treats up for gift
  • Melt Chocolate without water
  • Suitable for any kind of chocolate and covertures
  • Two-pot facility: For more Chocolate
  • Can make white and dark Chocolate at the same time