Woodworks Bamboo cutting boards are constructed with actual Bamboo. Whether you are a beginner in the kitchen or a culinary expert, these cutting boards are perfect for all your cutting needs.

Original: $32.00 Sale: $15.99
In keeping with its commitment to sustainable initiatives, the Chicago Cutlery brand, one of the first names in cutlery, now offers a stylish line of two-toned bamboo cutting boards. An eco-friendly, renewable resource that regenerates without replanting, bamboo is the smart alternative to traditional woods used in these accessories.  Bamboo, a perennial evergreen—technically a grass—is one of the world’s fastest growing woody plants, with an accelerated growth rate that can exceed three-feet a day. Harder and denser than most hardwood boards, bamboo withstands the sharpest knives. And the boards are so attractive, they’re ideal for serving cheeses, canapés and more.