Web exclusive! Uncover the secret to continuous comfort with this InnerSpace Sleep Luxury memory foam mattress that molds to your body's shape as you sleep.

Price: $445.00 - $990.00

Enjoy blissful sleep against a memory foam mattress that will shape itself to fit the curves of your body. Uncomfortable pressure points on the body will be eliminated so you'll sleep better. This InnerSpace mattress also features independent support and contains no springs, so when your spouse gets into bed, you won't roll off or bounce around.

Please note: Mattress comes rolled for easy maneuvering up stairs or in tight places. Do not open plastic packaging with a sharp object. Once opened, mattress will expand to 90% of its size within 30 minutes; fully expand within 24 to 48 hours after opening and can be used immediately.

Mattress quilt & comfort layers:

Support layer: