The most sturdy and heavy duty glass scale around, by Taylor Precision Products, the leader in bathroom scales.

Original: $60.00 Sale: $39.99
Most glass scales feature 8mm glass for stability, but this glass scales takes it one step further to a thick and sturdy 10mm! You will feel the difference when you use this. The platform is oversized to accommodate all foot sizes and body sizes. The capacity is also increased to 440 lbs in 0.2 lb increments. This scale also has standard Taylor glass elegance built in, such as clean UV glue to attach the scale load cells to the glass for elegant look, and silver finished components. Plus, the 1.4" LCD readout features a bright blue back-light, which makes reading the weight much easier. All Taylor scales feature instant on technology with no tapping the scale before weighing -- simply step on the scale to get the weight. This scale runs on 4 AAA batteries, which are included. Lifetime warranty.