Enjoy the world's first and only aerodynamic high velocity portable fan. Enjoy gentle, steady breezes throughout the entire room.

Original: $100.00 Sale: $69.99
Witness the first design breakthrough in electric fan engineering since the 1880's when one of Thomas Edison's assistants attached blades to a small electric motor. This amazing fan delivers 100% more air and is 300% more energy efficient than comparable fans and whisper quiet on all three speeds. The patented fan provides a uniquely engineered design of carefully-matched aerodynamic components. Only this fan delivers a such a powerful air flow with significantly little noise, vibration or energy usage. Blade pitch, hub and blade shape are designed for maximum efficiency and minimum noise. Aerodynamically curved housing increases blade tip efficiency 110% over conventional fans. Patented aerodynamically curved, jet inlet design provides a strong, smooth, quiet flow of air. In the hassock position the strong, smooth air flow pulls in surrounding air to create a powerful effect.