Clean and sanitize every room in your house – from hard surface floors and carpeting to sinks, walls, counters, ceilings and much, much more.

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Style, functionality and versatility best define the MS-30 Steam System II, HAAN’s Multi-function Sanitizing Steam Cleaner. Emitting steam at a temperature s of 212°F, the steam cleaner/ sanitizer function eliminates germs and bacteria, virtually on contact. Floors dry instantly with the absorbent Ultra-Microfiber™ pads. And plenty of attachments make it easy to clean grout and tough corners, grimy oven racks and stovetops and lots more – all without chemicals, for a greener approach to clean. Use the detail attachments for streak-free windows and mirrors, removing soap scum and grease. The MS-30 makes bathroom cleaning a breeze – even helps you sanitize under the rim! This easy-to-use Steam System is invaluable for sanitizing pillows, bedding and more. Great for freshening up curtains, tablecloths and upholstery, too. Inside and out, the MS-30 cleans and sanitizes just about everything throughout your home, patio, garage and shop.