Counteracts eye-aging crow's feet. Fades the look of dark shadows. For all skin types.

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Price: $36.00

When fragile skin around eyes shows crinkly dry lines and other unsightly flaws, a twice-daily dose of botanicals are just what the "Doctor" ordered to help them disappear. Nature's highly-recommended caretakers, including cooling Cucumber, soothing Rosemary and energizing Ginseng, offer rapid, visible relief. They act firmly to help counter crow's feet, de-pouf puffs and fade dark shadows from sight to make skin around eyes look and feel all better. And Green Tea Extract helps fight off free radical damage. Shows perfect bedside manners, night or day, under makeup or alone. Ophthalmologist tested.

How to use:

Follow “Doctor’s” orders: Gently dab around eye area with fingertips, morning and night. Eye Doctor is great for all skins.