Flat, tapered brush for flawless application, seamless coverage. Flat surface is perfect for all-over application including narrow areas of face. Unique antibacterial technology. Limit 1 order per day.

Price: $33.00

Perfect for all-over application including narrow areas around nose, mouth, eyes and hairline. Flat, tapered brush is designed for flawless, even application and a natural-looking finish. Clinique's unique antibacterial technology helps ensure the highest level of hygiene.

How to Use:

Apply a small amount of liquid foundation to back of hand. Dab with brush and smooth over face. Cream or powder foundation, sweep brush across surface of compact and apply to face. Use broad strokes for large area of face: Cheeks, forehead, chin. Use edge of brush to reach narrow areas: Nose, mouth, eyes, hairline. Blend as needed.

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