Web exclusive! Sauté chicken breasts for the whole family at once, or create a one-skillet meal that cuts down on prep and after-dinner cleanup. It's easy when you have the right tool for the job.

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This skillet not only looks great while it’s in use, but it also features a convenient helper handle, which makes it less stressful when it’s time to lift the skillet off the stove to serve or when removing it from the oven. This cookware features DuPont Teflon® Plus nonstick coating in the unique SmartGlide™ Nonstick System. The Farberware engineers shaped the nonstick onto a dimpled surface, improving its durability and creating air pockets that transfer heat to food quickly. The result is cookware that warms evenly and food that is beautifully browned, not burned. The strong handles provide a comfortable grip and the helper handle is a welcome addition, making lifting and moving the skillet safe and easy.