Web exclusive! What It Means to Be a Wolverine by Kevin Allen, Art Reneger, and Nate Brown covers every aspect of the Wolverine's history, from former President Gerald Ford's playing days to Lloyd Carr's nationwide dominance.

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Since 1892, not a single University of Michigan football coach has had a losing record. Almost every road game the Wolverines play is their opponent's biggest game of the year. It's as if the maize and blue jerseys have a target on them, too. That's What It Means to Be a Wolverine. It means being one of the most feared teams in all of college football. And with a 112-year tradition of winning, its understandable that Michigan fans take their football very seriously, and that every seat in the nation's biggest football stadium is consistently occupied. This book contains a complete history in the unadulterated words of the athletes and coaches who lived it first-hand.