Web exclusive! When you need another batch of Mr. Beer® Bavarian Weissbier, you need this refill pack.

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A characteristically bright golden pilsner brewed using premium pale malt and displaying traditional spicy Saaz hop aroma, this Mr. Beer® Bavarian Weissbier Refill Brew Pack gives you even more of your favorite home brew. Featuring a 2 gallon batch of all-malt beer, this pack also includes everything else you need to brew at home like a pack of dry yeast, no rinse cleaner and easy-to-follow instructions.
Produces: (1) batch (2 gallons total) of All-Malt style beer
Includes: (1) can Czech Pilsner, (1) packet dry brewing yeast (under lid of HME), (1) packet no rinse cleanser, and instructions