An intense, more sensual version of Armani Code Men with increased leather notes. An intense, sophisticated and seductive fusion for the ultimate man.

Limit 1 order per day.

Price: $70.00 - $88.00

A new, modern amber-woody dimension was grafted around an ambrox complex, cedar notes and dry woods. Additionally, a new sensuality has been created through a combination of a leather/suede note, vanilla and Tonka beans.

Fragrances are available in different concentrations. The concentration determines the strength of the scent.
Perfume (Women’s) contains between 20-40% of aromatic compounds making it the strongest and purest, richest and longest lasting of the fragrance line. Eau de Parfum (Women’s) contains between 10-30% of aromatic compounds, making it the second strongest of the fragrance line. Eau de Toilette (Men’s and Women’s) contains between 3-5% of aromatic compounds. Eau de Cologne/Cologne Spray (Men’s & Women’s) contains between 2-5% of aromatic compounds. Eau Fraîche contains between 1-3% of aromatic compounds.