Web exclusive! The 18th hole of The Old Course, Home of Golf and venue for the Open Championship 26 times.

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Golf was first played at St. Andrews 600 years ago and it remains a real test of golf for today’s champions. The imposing clubhouse, which stands sentinel behind the first tee of the Old Course, was built in 1854 and is headquarters for the Royal and Ancient Golf Club. One of the unique features of the Old Course is the large double greens. Seven greens are shared by two holes each, with hole numbers adding up to 18 (2nd paired with 16th, 3rd with 15th, all the way up to 8th and 10th). The Swilcan Bridge, spanning the first and 18th holes, has become a famous icon for golf in the world. Everyone who plays the 18th hole walks over this 700 year old bridge, and many iconic pictures of the farewells of the most iconic golfers in history have been taken on this bridge. Only the 1st, 9th, 17th and 18th holes have their own greens. Another unique feature is that the course can be played in either direction, clockwise or anti-clockwise. Along with that, the Old Course has 112 bunkers which are all individually named and have their own unique story and history behind them. The two most famous are the 10 ft deep "Hell Bunker “on the 14th hole, and the "Road Hole Bunker" on the 17th hole. Countless professional golfers have seen their dreams of winning the Open Championship squandered by hitting their balls in those bunkers, making them one of the most feared and dreaded places to find oneself on a golf course.