Michael Kors,  the ultimate signature fragrance.

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Iconic.  Luxurious.  Modern.  All at once delicate and captivating, it stands out in a crowd making its presence known.  Confident and glamorous.  A relaxed sophistication.  A sensuality that radiates mystery and allure. Always a statement, always glamorous always Michael Kors.

An intoxicating white floral fragrance, which features a predominance of Tuberose India. This fruity, honey-like white flower signature creates an enveloping aura of sensuality that gently pulses as the fragrance warms on the skin. The sun-kissed top note of sparkling Bergamot and succulent Apricot compliments the Tuberose as a blend of Orange Flower and Egyptian Jasmine intensifies this rich, white floral bouquet. Further enchantment comes from the fresh vibrancy of Green Freesia and Turkish Rose. The heard of the fragrance is revealed by a whisper of White Peony, Chinese Osmanthus, Arum Lily and a soothing Milky Accord that highlights the Tuberose India creating a smooth, creamy effect. The fina flourish is sensual and warm. Exotic Blue Orris Absolute, Haitian Vetiver, Cashmere Woods, Dried Figs and Smoky Incense provide a sexy and mysterious allure.