Reinvent your drinks with the Keurig Vue, a brewing system that brews individual, single cups of coffee and tea in different sizes and strengths.

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View the video demo to learn even more about the Keurig Vue V700!

Satisfy all your guests by brewing them their own flavored gourmet coffee or tea, and letting them choose how many ounces they'd like and at what strength and temperature. Brew your way with Custom Brew Technology that creates drinks the way you like them. The Keurig Vue brewing system uses Vue™ packs that contain a precise grind of coffee or tea.

The Keurig Vue system is not compatible with K-Cups.

<a href="/shop/home/keurig-coffee-shop/single-serve-coffee/vue-packs/" style="text-decoration: underline;font-weight: bold;">The Keurig Vue V700 Single-Serve Brewing System uses Vue Packs to make the drink of your choice. Click here to shop our expanded online assortment of Vue Packs.</a>