Web exclusive! All your weather contained in this portable size, fast reception, wireless forecasting station designed for your home or favorite vacation spot.

Price: $54.99
Know your weather before it happens! Future forecast for your area displays your weather conditions and indicates what the pressure is doing. Monitor your indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity and barometric pressure. Check on your High and Low temperature and humidity records since you've reset. Historical pressure graph reviews from the last 24 hours. Smiling icon or frowning face indicates room comfort. Self-setting atomic time with date and automatic updates for daylight saving time (on/off option.) Display in standard 12 hour or military 24 time and use the alarm feature with snooze. Forecast station will even tell you when batteries need to be changed. Includes wireless outdoor temperature and humidity sensor transmitting from a range of over 300 ft and reads down to -39.8°F.