Creates a trendy "two-textured" effect when applied over any dry nail lacquer. Apply Top Coat for a gorgeously glossy finish! Limit 1 order per day.

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Want a mani that lasts?
Start by applying Nicole by OPI Base Coat Plus on clean, dry nails. Base Coat also prevents nail lacquer from staining your nails.
For a perfect polish, stroke nail lacquer down the center of nail.
Apply another stroke of nail lacquer to the side of the nails.
Apply a third stroke of nail lacquer to the opposite side of the nail.
Smooth the surface of the nail with a final stroke of the brush. Then, apply a second coat of nail lacquer, pulling color over the tips of the nails.
Apply Black Texture coat to dry nails
Shine, seal and protect with one coat of Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus, pulling it over the tips of the nails to seal in color.
For a mani that’s dry to the touch in minutes, apply two drops of Nicole by OPI Drying Drops to each nail.