Web exclusive! Tired of seeing your cat's ugly litter box sitting right out in the open? Solve the problem by hiding it away, and giving her personal space, with this washroom bench.

Original: $590.00 - $650.00 Sale: $295.00 - $325.00

Each item from Merry Pet House offers you and your pet superior quality products made by professional craftsmen. Pieces are designed not only to make your pet feel more secure and happier at home, but the company also aims to make each piece fit your home's décor as well.

This gorgeous cat washroom bench fits the ideal product standards of Merry Pet House. Whether you have a jumbo-sized, automated or a regular-sized litter box, this bench serves as an attractive cover, hiding away pesky litter and confining all of Kitty's messes inside. A removable partition wall separates the litter box from storage space for extra litter, a scoop and other supplies. But perhaps the best part? The bench's charming paneled doors finish this chic piece of furniture belonging to your cat that will feel a little like your own.