Web exclusive! Tired of the typical dog house you've seen just about everywhere? Test out this trendy Room with a View house, complete with a rooftop balcony, for a home Fido is sure to enjoy.

Original: $350.00 Sale: $175.00

Each item from Merry Pet House offers you and your pet superior quality products made by professional craftsmen. Pieces are designed not only to make your pet feel more secure and happier at home, but the company also aims to make each piece fit your home's décor as well.

This fashion-forward dog house fits the ideal product standards of Merry Pet House. The dog house is simply adorable, with its beautiful lattice fence on the rooftop balcony. A set of three stairs take your pup up to the balcony, where he or she can stretch out, relax and sunbathe. Ah, those dog-days of summer!