Web exclusive! For vendor styles: FD-28JX, FD-35, FD-40, FD-50, FD-60, FD-61 and FD-75PR. Great for making Fruit Rolls for the kids and for other messy foods.

Price: $30.00
Exclusive "no spill" lip allows you to dry liquids and semi-liquids. Dry up to 3 cups of pureed fruit on each sheet. Make fruit leather with no added sugar or preservatives. It's as easy as pouring applesauce on the Fruit Roll Sheet. Perfect for messy foods. Use on the bottom tray of your dehydrator, without food on it, to catch the drips and make clean-up easier.Also great to dry soups and sauces. These Fruit Roll Sheets are for use FD-28JX, FD-35, FD-40, FD-50, FD-60, FD-61 and FD-75PR. Please check your model number before ordering.