Web exclusive! Girl Time is everything a girl needs right at her fingertips.

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From fashion tips, dating advice and  horoscopes to a social calendar, friendship book, quizzes, mini games and more. This game is jam-packed with the essentials that every girl needs for her busy, busy life.   

  • Pour your heart out in your own diary and keep it organized by Friends, Family, Dreams and more!
  • Get daily advice and tips for just about every life situation.
  • Ever wonder what your flirting style is or do you have what it takes to be a super star?  Take tons of quizzes that are just like those popular magazines.
  • Tons of different mini games such as dance, cube puzzle, four elements and make-up fun!  Every time you play the game is new!
  • Learn how to create customized t-shirts and jewelry to set yourself apart, or learn the art of palm reading to impress and help your friends
  • Rated E for Everyone
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